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MMPC Research Facilities

About MMPC


The MMPC, formed in 1990 by an act of Senate, is now 23 years old. Its mission is to be an International Research Centre for studies in the processing and production of advanced metallurgical materials. The Centre aims to provide its researchers with first-class facilities and state of the art equipment, so as to allow them to compete at the highest international levels.

Within its laboratories, its academics and industrial advisors direct research programs aimed at the sustainable processing, production, and characterization, of advanced ferrous and non-ferrous materials for the metallurgical industry. In keeping with its mandate for generic-type research in Metals Processing, and to provide a program of current interest and concern to our member corporations, the MMPC has planned its customary series of technical presentations for the 2013 Annual Review of Progress. As usual, our guests from industry hail from many parts of the world; from South America, North America, Europe, South Africa, to Asia. The motif on the cover page of our Annual Report illustrates these global links with industry.

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