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GUTHRIE, Roderick I.L.                        001-514-398-1555              

Process Engineering Metallurgy

Characterization, modelling and design of liquid and solid metal processing operations; Steelmaking; continuous casting and strip casting; Furnace, Ladle and Tundish Metallurgy; Oxidation/decarburization of steels: Aluminum/Magnesium cast house operations; Filtering; Liquid metal quality sensors (LiMCA); Slag foaming and splashing phenomena, “Direct Steelmaking”, etc.
SZPUNAR, Jerzy                                     001-514-398-2050       

Thin Film Study and Texture/Microstructure Analysis

The Effects of Texture and Microstructure on the Reliability of Copper Interconnects, Microstructure and Its Influence on Hydrogen Diffusion in Metallic Films, The Study on Texture and Hydrogen Ingress of Zirconium Alloy, High Temperature Oxidation of Steels, Equipment and Methods for On-Line Texture Analysis, Equipment for Texture Measurement of Thin Films, A Mechanism of Texture Formation During Electrodeposition, The Texture Development in Strip-Cast Aluminum and Al-Si Ingots, Oxidation Resistance in High Temperature Alloys.
McQUEEN, Hugh                                    001-514-848-3145

Metal Forming Processes and Product Microstructures

Hot Workability; TMP; Process modelling and simulation; nano-crystalline materials; TEM and SEM - EBSI microstructures of aluminum alloys and composites; Magnesium alloys; Ferritic and austenitic stainless steels; HSLA and tool steels.
KOZINSKI, Janusz A.                             001-416-736-5051     

Environment Protection in Metals Processing

Furnace diagnostics and modelling; Fuels and energy technology; Reduction of pollutant emissions and effluent management in metals processing; Disposal and thermal destruction of wastes and hazardous materials; Combustion of fuels, residues and their mixtures; Flame synthesis of Materials.
KAMAL, Musa R.                                    001-514-398-4262          

Polymer Processing and Characterization

Polymeric nanocomposites and computer simulation of film blowing, kinetics of crystallization of polymer melts under pressure, shear, and non-isothermal conditions, computer simulation of injection molding, the measurement and calculation of thermal stresses in injection molding, optical properties of polyolefin films, structure control of polymer blends during processing.
HENEIN, Hani                                         001-780-492-7304           

Research in the Advanced Materials and Processing Laboratory (AMPL) focuses on Materials Process Engineering

Materials Processing, Particulate Processing, Powder Metallurgy, Rotary Reactors and Drums, Atomizing Processing, Metal-Matrix Composites Processing, Computer Aided Instructions.
HASAN, Mainul                                      001-514-398-2524         

Mathematical and Physical Modelling of Metallurgical and Chemical Processes

With particular reference to the application of advanced computational fluid dynamics and associated heat and mass transfer phenomena.

CHIESA, Franco                       001-819-376-1721 EXT2023

Shape Casting of Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys

Filling and solidification modeling of aluminium and magnesium shape castings in sand and permanent mould poured by gravity and by the “low pressure” process. Modeling and experimentation on microporosity distribution, dendrite fineness, and local mechanical properties in structural light metal castings.
AJERSCH, Frank                                     001-514-340-4711     

Metallurgical Process

Kinetics of metallurgical process, heterogeneous reactions, oxidation and reduction, rheology and semisolid processing of alloys, hot dip galvanizing, plasma deposition of protective coatings and numerical process modeling.

ISAC, Mihaiela                                         001-514-398-5556   

Physical and Process Metallurgy

Processing and characterization of ferrous and light metals. Crystalline and amorphous structures. Strip casting and solidification. Heat fluxes, cooling rates, and microstructures. Physical modeling of tundish operation. Cleanliness of liquid and solid metals
MEDRAJ, Mamoun                          514-848-2424 ext. 3146

Computational Thermodynamics as a Utility in Materials Processing

Experimental and theoretical studies to understand the relationship between microstructure, properties and processing of materials.

CHATTOPADHYAY, Kinnor           001-416-978-6267

Fundamentals of Metallurgical Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena and CFD Modelling

Focus on physical and mathematical modelling of metallurgical process for designing new processes, better understanding of existing processes, operational improvements, and to perform 'what if' and 'root cause' analyses of problems. Fundamentals of metallurgical thermodynamics, transport phenomena and CFD modelling are applied to simulate real industrial processes.